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Are you ready for a challenging and competitive FPS which focuses on skill and fun.
Defense Corp – Earth offers a gripping and exhilarating game-play experience with ZERO of the tiresome grinds of other multi-player games. 
No need to spend daily hours doing boring missions just to keep up and make sure the playing field is level. In our game everyone spawns with the same gun and has access to the same skill-sets. Over here, skills matter more than time.

PLUS…No More RNG paid loot boxes! (In fact, there are NO loot boxes at all!) 
AND…Four classic game-modes to start with, fast action and a high skill ceiling.

No special “Hero” skills are part of the game:
• Each Character has full access to each and every skill 
• There will be numerous skills to choose from!
• At least four exciting game modes and Eight handcrafted maps

New maps will always be free!
New PvP game modes will always be free!

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Fast paced action

No skill ceiling

No handholding

No Grind, just fun

No lootboxes

Plenty of unlocks

For gamers by gamers

Host your own dedicated server

Your own game-rules




Defense Corp - Earth will be released with at least 4 exciting game-modes. An in-game locker system where you can unlock various skins and color options for your characters and weapons and unlock banners to showcase your groove. Just by playing. No RNG lootboxes, no excessive grind to make you pull your wallet.

Host a private game for you and your friends or download our server files and host your own dedicated server with your own rules!

Play with friends, solo or versus bots. We even have a two player split-screen option!


The characters in Defense Corp - Earth will each have their own back-story. At launch  play as: Jih-Yun,Vito,Max,Karim,C or Boris.

Each character will have at least 2 unique skins, with each skin at least 6 interesting color options.

Check-Out Vito's Origin story below!


Choose from an arsenal of interesting weapons. Everyone starts with the same

auto-rifle and will have to compete for powerful weapon pick-ups. Picked up weapons are a one time use and pack a serious punch!

  • Phaze

  • Nailgun

  • Drumrifle

  • SniperBlaster

  • PlasmaRay

  • Slugger

  • Machinegun

  • Grenade-launcher





Origin story

A seasoned BOPE veteran, betrayed by those who he gave everything for.
There was a time Vito did not know how to laugh, how to care and what friendship meant.
The origin story will give a glimpse into the events leading up to Vito's changes.

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